Upgrade DSP NodeΒΆ

Ensure no new updates to the sample-config.toml file are present, if so, update your config.toml accordingly.

Link: sample-config.toml

sudo su -
systemctl stop dsp
systemctl stop ipfs
systemctl stop nodeos
# if changes to sample-config.toml syntax:
nano ~/.dsp/config.toml
pm2 del all
pm2 kill
npm uninstall -g @liquidapps/dsp

# as USER
sudo chown ubuntu:ubuntu /home/ubuntu/.pm2/rpc.sock /home/ubuntu/.pm2/pub.sock
npm uninstall -g @liquidapps/dsp

sudo su -
npm install -g @liquidapps/dsp --unsafe-perm=true
systemctl start nodeos
systemctl start ipfs
systemctl start dsp