Frequently Asked Questions DAPP Service Providers (DSPs)

What is a DSP?

DSPs are individuals or entities who provide external storage capacity, communication services, and/or utilities to dApp developers building on the blockchain, playing a crucial role in the DAPP network.

Who can be a DSP?

DSPs can be BPs, private individuals, corporations, or even anonymous entities. The only requirement is that each DSP must meet the minimum specifications for operating a full node on EOS.

Are DSPs required to run a full node?

While DSPs could use a third-party node, this would add latency to many services, including vRAM. In some cases, this latency could be significant. LiquidApps does not recommend running a DSP without a full node.

How are DSPs incentivized?

DSPs receive 1-5% of token inflation proportional to the total amount of DAPP tokens staked to their service packages.