• add reconnect mechanism to demux nodeos websocket
  • fixes
    • add custom permissions for xcallback in generic-dapp-service-node file


  • add --type=local flag to zeus deploy box command: deploys boxes locally to ~/.zeus/boxes/ instead of IPFS or s3. Must use with the --update-mapping flag. Together both flags (zeus deploy box --type=local --update-mapping) updates the mapping.js file with file://.. as the pointer | thank you prcolaco
  • made --type=local and --update-mapping flags default for zeus deploy box command
  • only use invalidation of ipfs with zeus deploy box command when the --type is ipfs | thank you prcolaco
  • modified and fixed ipfs cleanup script to support oracle cleanups
  • allow zeus compile <CONTRACT_NAME>, zeus now allows you to only compile a contract by its name if you like, or you can run zeus compile to run all
  • add kill-port npm dependency to eos-extensions box
  • move ipfs-daemon dependency from boxes/groups/core/build-extensions/zeus-box.json to boxes/groups/dapp-network/dapp-services/zeus-box.json as IPFS is only needed with the dapp-services box
  • add utils/ipfs-service/get-table.js - Reads all vRAM tables of a smart contract and stores them with the naming syntax: ${contract_name}-${table_name}-table.json
  • add utils/ipfs-service/get-ordered-keys.js - Prints ordered vRAM table keys in ascending order account/table/scope. This can be used to iterate over the entire table client side
  • allow zeus test <CONTRACT_NAME>, zeus now allows you to only compile/test a contract by its name if you like, or you can run zeus test to compile/test all
  • fixes
    • update example frontend to eosjs2 and latest scatter
    • update cleanup script to work with new dsp logic
    • add CONTRACT_END syntax to example contract
    • fix cardgame unit test
      • use dapp-client for vaccounts
      • move xvinit for vaccounts to happen in migration
      • add xvinit to coldtoken contract
      • update to eosj2
    • fix chess.json to enable migration by updating contract / account
    • fix OSX zeus deploy box breaking issue


  • fixes
    • add fix text encode/decode in vaccounts service


  • removed read-mode = head from default config.ini setup for eosio node
  • clarified wasm-runtime = wabt must be used over wasm-runtime = wavm due to bugs in wavm
  • add zeus compile <CONTRACT_NAME> syntax to zeus-getting-started
  • update path for cleanup.js script for DSPs
  • add cleanup oracle info to Cleanup IPFS and Oracle Entries
  • fixed little mistakes in vram-getting-started
  • added usage docs for get-table and get-ordered-keys
  • update chain-state-db-size-mb from 131072 to 16384 see here