Prepare and host dsp.json

    "name": "acme DSP",
    "website": "",
    "ownership_disclosure" : "https://...",
    "location": {
      "name": "Atlantis",
      "country": "ATL",
      "latitude": 2.082652,
      "longitude": 1.781132
      "steemit": "",
      "twitter": "",
      "youtube": "",
      "facebook": "",
      "reddit": "",
      "keybase": "",
      "telegram": "",

Prepare and host dsp-package.json

    "name": "Package 1",
    "description": "Best for low vgrabs",
    "dsp_json_uri": "",
    "service_level_agreement": {
            "uptime_9s": 5
            "95": 500
        "ttl": 2400,
        "public": false
          "name": "Atlantis",
          "country": "ATL",
          "latitude": 2.082652,
          "longitude": 1.781132

Register Package

Warning: packages are read only and can’t be removed yet.

npm install -g @liquidapps/zeus-cmd
# the package must be chosen from the following list:
# packages: (ipfs, cron, log, oracle, readfn, vaccounts)
export PACKAGE=ipfs
# active key to sign package creation trx
# customizable and unique name for your package
export PACKAGE_ID=package1
export EOS_CHAIN=mainnet
# or
export EOS_CHAIN=kylin
# the minimum stake quantity is the amount of DAPP and/or DAPPHDL that must be staked to meet the package's threshold for use
export MIN_STAKE_QUANTITY="10.0000"
# package period is in seconds, so 86400 = 1 day, 3600 = 1 hour
export PACKAGE_PERIOD=86400
# QUOTA is the measurement for total actions allowed within the package period to be processed by the DSP.  1.0000 QUOTA = 10,000 actions. 0.0001 QUOTA = 1 action
export QUOTA="1.0000"
# package json uri is the link to your package's information, this is customizable without a required syntax

cd $(readlink -f `which setup-dsp` | xargs dirname)
zeus register dapp-service-provider-package \
    --key $DSP_PRIVATE_KEY \
    --min-stake-quantity $MIN_STAKE_QUANTITY \
    --package-period $PACKAGE_PERIOD \
    --quota $QUOTA \
    --network $EOS_CHAIN \
    --api-endpoint $DSP_ENDPOINT \
    --package-json-uri $PACKAGE_JSON_URI

output should be:

⚡registering package:package1
✔️package:package1 registered successfully

For more options:

zeus register dapp-service-provider-package --help 

Don’t forget to stake CPU/NET to your DSP account:

cleos -u $DSP_ENDPOINT system delegatebw $DSP_ACCOUNT $DSP_ACCOUNT "5.000 EOS" "95.000 EOS" -p $DSP_ACCOUNT@active

Modify Package metadata:

Currently only package_json_uri and api_endpoint are modifyable. To signal to DSP Portals / Developers that your package is no longer in service, set your api_endpoint to null.

To modify package metadata: use the “modifypkg” action of the dappservices contract.

Using cleos:

cleos -u $DSP_ENDPOINT push action dappservices modifypkg "[\"$DSP_ACCOUNT\",\"$PACKAGE_ID\",\"ipfsservice1\",\"$DSP_ENDPOINT\",\"\"]" -p $DSP_ACCOUNT@active