Packages and Staking

List of available Packages

DSPs who have registered their service packages may be found in the package table under the dappservices account on every supported chain.

Select a DSP Package

Select a service package from the DSP of your choice.

export PROVIDER=someprovider
export PACKAGE_ID=providerpackage
export MY_ACCOUNT=myaccount

# select your package: 
export SERVICE=ipfsservice1
cleos -u $EOS_ENDPOINT push action dappservices selectpkg "[\"$MY_ACCOUNT\",\"$PROVIDER\",\"$SERVICE\",\"$PACKAGE_ID\"]" -p $MY_ACCOUNT@active

Stake DAPP Tokens for DSP Package

# Stake your DAPP to the DSP that you selected the service package for:
cleos -u $EOS_ENDPOINT push action dappservices stake "[\"$MY_ACCOUNT\",\"$PROVIDER\",\"$SERVICE\",\"50.0000 DAPP\"]" -p $MY_ACCOUNT@active