Kylin Testnet Account

The CryptoKylin testnet is one of the EOS Testnets. Feel free to join their Telegram, or checkout their Github repo.


# Create a new available account name (replace 'yourtestaccount' with your account name):
export ACCOUNT=yourtestaccount

# Configure endpoint

# Create wallet
cleos wallet create --file wallet_password.pwd

# Create account and import key
curl$ACCOUNT > keys.json
export ACTIVE_PRIVATE_KEY=`cat keys.json | jq -e ''`
export ACTIVE_PUBLIC_KEY=`cat keys.json | jq -e ''`
cleos wallet import --private-key $ACTIVE_PRIVATE_KEY
# if this does not work, import key directly

# Get some tokens, stake CPU/NET, buy RAM for contract
cleos -u $DSP_ENDPOINT system buyram $ACCOUNT $ACCOUNT "100.0000 EOS" -p $ACCOUNT@active
cleos -u $DSP_ENDPOINT system delegatebw $ACCOUNT $ACCOUNT "20.0000 EOS" "80.0000 EOS" -p $ACCOUNT@active

Save wallet_password.pwd and keys.json somewhere safe!

Kylin DAPP Tokens

DAPP Faucet